Qinghan Liang

Qinghan Liang

Current Ph.D. students:

Kraig King

Kraig King

Iranga Subasinghe

Iranga Subasinghe

Dilrukshi Abeyrathne

M.S. students:

Mike Cressey

Computer Science Undergraduate Students:

Graduate student alumni:

  • Cheng Liang, 2003-2005
  • Hari Gowrisankar, MS 2006
  • Guang Jin, PhD, April 2009
  • Arda Nural, PhD candidate, April 2009
  • Danqing Xiao, MS. 2010  (now University of New Mexico, visiting faculty)
  • Michael Hennessey, MS 2010
  • Chris Dorr, MS 2011 (now Starbucks, Seattle)
  • Balaji Venkatesan, MS, 2013 (now Ubisense, Denver)
  • Qinghan Liang, PhD, August 2015 (now postdoc)
  • Mark Plummer, 2015 (now Garmin, Yarmouth)
  • Xueying Gu, MS, December 2015 (now NBT Solutions, Portland, ME)
  • Joel Whitney, MS, August 2016 (now ESRI, Portland, ME)
  • J.C. Whittier, PhD, August 2018.

Computer science undergraduate student alumni:

  • Jennifer Hastings, Capstone, 2015/2016
  • Welles Tisdale, Capstone 2015/2016
  • Katrina Stinson, June 2016-May 2017 (Capstone and Community Energy Project)
  • Katie Manzo, September 2016- May 2018 (capstone, social media, public policy and community energy projects)
  • Andrew Cramer, 2017/2018 (Capstone, emergency situation mapping)
  • Nicolas Ward, 2017/2018 (capstone, location-based tutor meet)
  • Connor Gordon, 2017/2018 (capstone, home energy tracking)
  • Jackson Hey, 2017/2018 (capstone, finance database system)
  • Todd Hawkins, 2017/2018 (capstone, trip fault detection)


  • Prof. Jeong Seok Park (2006-2007)
  • Dr. Youngjin Jung (2007-2009)
  • Prof. Dr. Maohui Zheng (2014-2015)

Members of the Geosensor Networks Lab, April 2009

Hooding Guang Jin, Ph.D. 2009

Danqing Xiao with her graduation cake

Chris Dorr, chilling before his MS defense, July 2011


Balaji, Graduation May 2013


Qinghan Liang, August 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.12.05 PM

Xueying Gu, December 2015


Commencement and Hooding May 2016


Graduation lunch for Joel Whitney, August 2016


Katrina Stinson, Capstone presentation, May 2017


J.C. Whittier successfully defends PhD thesis, April 2018


Katelyn Manzo CLAS Outstanding Graduating Student 2018

J.C. Whittier graduates

Celebratory beers for J.C. Whittier PhD graduation (August 2018)