Today, J.C. Whittier and Iranga Subasinghe are presenting a paper titled Real-Time Earthquake Monitoring with Spatio-Temporal Fields at the Second International Symposium on “Spatiotemporal Computing“, taking place Aug 7-9 2017 at Harvard, MA.

Our objective was to bring together 3 components: a) realistic, publicly available, real-time sensor data streams, b) an open source data stream engine and c) the field data type model (Liang2016) to implement a realistic real-time analysis application using the field model, and explore its implementation using a open source data stream engine. We chose the  Southern California Integrated GPS Network (SCIGN), which provides real-time GPS streams along Southern California fault lines, and the Apache Spark environment (including Spark, Kafka and MongoDB) for implementation.  The live demo can be found at

The paper can be accessed here: ISSTC-2017-whittier_nittel.

Note: a few weeks after finishing our prototype, the SCIGN socket making the live stream available seems to have failed, and is currently under revision. The data currently shown in the demo is data that we archived; the demo loops over this data (April-May 2017 data).  Once the socket streams the data again, we will reconnect to the live data.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 2.13.48 PM