Over the last 6 months, Joel Whitney developed a Temporal Field Java library that wraps sensor data streams, which are either stored in RDBS, CSV files or are live streams, as Temporal Fields. A temporal field wraps an individual sensor data stream, and makes the sampling frequency transparent via its interface. It allows a user to request a value at any point in time (over which the temporal field is defined). The Temporal Field retrieves the available sampled data around the query point and can either return the value directly or estimates the value based on actual sampled data on the fly. The user can specify the temporal range around the request data point that should be used for estimation.

Wrapping streams as temporal fields make it easier to integrate many individual sensor data streams and ‘cut across’ them at user-defined snapshots.

In addition, Joel implemented a QGIS extension, the Temporal Field gateway plug-in. It creates a call to a Temporal Field Object, and allows the user to parameterize the data of interest, and add it to a QGIS application.

For more details, please watch the following videos: